Welcome to Flix’s documentation!

Flix, a movie scraper for Kodi. It uses TMDB api for scraping data and allows for custom providers.


  • Cross-platform.

  • No extra service running in the background.

  • Use of TMDB api for scraping data.

  • Cache all api calls (this can be disabled in settings).

  • Use of providers, if any, for playing media.

  • Use of OpenSubtitles api for searching subtitles.

What is a provider?

Providers are normal Kodi script addons and thus can be installed/updated/distributed just like any other addon. However, a provider must follow a set of rules:

  • The provider name must follow the format script.flix.{name}, otherwise it won’t be discovered.

  • Provide a xbmc.python.script extension point: see this.

  • Implement the Provider API: see flix.provider.Provider.

See script.flix.dummy, a dummy provider mainly used for testing providers integration.


The recommended way of installing this addon is through its repository. This way, any updates will be automatically installed.

Although not recommended, one can install the addon without installing its repository. To do so, get the latest release from github. Please note that, if there are any additional dependencies, they won’t be resolved unless the repository is installed.

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